Nursery Furniture, Belly Belt & Terror Attacks #LittleLoves

This week again has been a pretty boring one, got up gone to work, come home cooked tea, and gone to bed.  I don’t feeel I can complete #LittleLoves every week as I don’t do enough to talk about so sadly I will join in as an when I have interesting stuff to tell you all.


Sadly another week where I haven’t done a great deal of reading at all.  I think I spent about 10 minutes reading my kindle in bed one night before falling asleep, but that’s as far as it goes.


The complete devastation of the terror attack so close to home that happened in London last week. My thoughts go out to all those that witnessed it, that were injured and killed during it.  RIP


I received a product review for me and bump and it is called a “Belly Belt” and basically, you can attach it to your jeans, skirts or any other piece of clothing to allow you to still wear your favourite clothes.  Mine were my favourite skinny Jeans my mum brought me.  It is fantastic and so comfy to wear not forgetting discrete so no one knows your wearing it.  Full review coming soon.



We had the nursery furniture delivered the other weekend so was a case of getting it all put together and deciding how we wanted it laid out in the bedroom.  It finally arrived at 12.30PM and took us 5 and half hours to put together and rearrange.  I am so in love with it, fits perfectly in the room.

img_81361  img_81391img_81421img_81411


I haven’t watched much but the OH has started watching a series called “Mr Robot” and is based on computer hackers.  It’s not my kinda program normally but I have found myself watching it on and off but then asking myself “What is going on”.

And Lastly

The weekend was glorious, the sun was shining and we went out to Hatton Locks for a couple of hours to let our dog Carly to have a run around and get us out the house.  When we got home we went and did some gardening.

What has your week involved?

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2 thoughts on “Nursery Furniture, Belly Belt & Terror Attacks #LittleLoves

  1. The nursery looks lovely so exciting to get it finished and getting ready to welcome baby. So happy for you. Sorry for the delay comment I am catching up today on this week’s and last week’s #littleloves Happy Easter!

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