Coffee From All Around The World

A magical brown liquid that powers the world. Nope, not oil, I’m talking about coffee! Coffee is such an important part of many of our lives, to the point that many of us need our morning fix of java to get off to a fresh start.

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I have drunk coffee on and off over the years but never really found it is the perfect drink for me.  I have tried all sorts of different types of coffee, Lattes, milky coffee, mochas and more, from all different coffee shops to see if that makes a difference.

We have a Dolce Gusto Krups coffee machine at home too which is used regularly and it makes the perfect coffee for all occasions, not mentioning saving us money.  Even when we go on holiday we are always guaranteed to end up at a little coffee shop and when I met up with my friends.

But where does coffee come from? Whether you brew it at home on your own coffee/espresso machine or pick up a cup from your favourite barista, coffee has very diverse origins, all which contribute their own uniqueness to the coffee’s flavour.

Wherever you may travel in the world coffee will be served differently. So Coffee in My Veins has put together this great infographic map which shows you where all your favourite coffees are from, and how different countries around the world enjoy their coffee.


What coffee would you fancy trying?

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