New Car, Complaints & Pregnancy classes #LittleLoves

Well, as mentioned a few weeks ago I wouldn’t be joining in with this every week as I don’t do anything of interest other than going to work, cooking, cleaning & going to bed and then repeating it all over ago day after day.  I’m hoping that in just a few shorts months we will have a little bundle of joy to introduce to the world so will have a lot more stuff to share with the world.


I haven’t read anything recently at all.  I would love to read some of your blog posts though to give me some inspiration.


We went to our first Pregnancy class the other week at Solihull hospital called birthability, there was a small group of about 7 couples.  We talked about the best birthing positions, how everyone was feeling, what they were expecting and lots more pregnancy related things.


Nothing different, Same old dresses, leggings and tops.  I haven’t bought any new clothes yet and I would like to but I haven’t seen anything I like.  I really need to get some new clothes as my Hen do is fast approaching and need some nice things to wear.


Complaints…I recently brought some flowers from my local Waitrose in town by work to brighten the house up and they died before they even opened up.  This is the 2nd lot of flowers I have bought from there and it is safe to say I certainly won’t be buying my flowers again from there.


The Walking dead, well kind of, not my sort of film but the OH was watching it and I kept glimpsing up at it every so often.  Kept thinking I was going to have nightmares after watching it.

And Lastly

We finally brought a new car, a lot bigger than my previous one but with a large dog (Rottweiler) and a baby on the way we needed something that would fit everything we needed in it.  We have changed from a little corsa to a rather large Ford S-Max estate, it feels like I am driving a mini bus but I will get used to it in time.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

1 thought on “New Car, Complaints & Pregnancy classes #LittleLoves

  1. I found birthing classes so helpful. It makes it all even more real too doesn’t it?
    We’re getting a Ford S Max after our move and finally getting rid of my poor beaten up little Peugeot. Like you I think I’m going to find it weird adapting to driving something so much bigger!
    Have a great week x

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