Tips For Helping Children With A New Little Brother Or Sister

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A baby is a great gift to a family. Watching them grow up and learn is the best thing in many parents’ lives. One of the fascinating things about having a child is just how much they end up teaching you. Of course, you will teach them innumerable things just in the first year of their life, but as they grow and develop and their personality starts to assert itself, you will find that you start learning all sorts of things. Children are so special because they often do not worry about how they come across. They say exactly what they think when they think it. While this can sometimes be rather embarrassing, it can also be joyous. Seeing a child describe the thing that they are passionate about is spellbinding. Whether it is football, cooking or fairy tales, they will be completely consumed by it. You will know everything within just a short while and sharing that knowledge with them is a lot of fun.

However, being a parent can be difficult too. This is especially true when you have more than one. Your first child will have received all of your attention for the duration of their life. If they suddenly have a little brother or sister, it can be difficult because you will not be able to spend as much time with them as you once did. It can be emotionally difficult for the child because they may not understand why their new sibling is getting so much attention. It is obviously not because you love the baby more, but your child may not know that. Talking to them clearly and compassionately is a must. Besides just explaining it though, there are lots of things that you can do to help a child through what is often a difficult period. Here are a few tips on doing just that:

  1. A lot of parents know that when they have a newborn, they should buy a gift for their older child and tell them that it is from the baby. Remarkably, they are gullible enough to believe it, and it works too. You should not get something sweet for them to eat, however much they enjoy it because it will not last long enough. If you get them a toy that they will use for the next few years, it will be more effective.
  2. Besides a gift, you can take them out for the day. It should be something exciting and absorbing like Lakeside Karting or a sporting event that they like. You do not need to suggest that the baby had some hand in organising it. Just showing your child that you love them and still care about them just as much is good.
  3. It may seem rather cynical, but the fact is that even children like to feel superior. If you ask your older child’s advice on names for the baby or about how to best decorate their room, they may feel rather protective themselves. If you ask for their help, they may want to give it because they want to make your life easier.

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