Creating A Play Room Is Child’s Play

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Having children is expensive in all sorts of ways. Before they are born, you have to buy a new wardrobe of maternity clothes. You also have to think about setting aside a room where they can sleep. A crib costs money and if you have to modify it to stop them from climbing out (getting a crib tent is not a great idea; the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission released a report saying that they are a risk of strangulation and entrapment), that costs money too. There is then clothes, blankets, bottles, nappies and everything else that they’ll need. You may also need to invest some money in making your home more child-friendly. There are lots of things that seem so innocuous until you imagine a child being near it. For instance, you can get a device for your tap which modulates the temperature of the water. Babies are more sensitive to hot water than adults are so it is always important to check any liquid before they come in contact with it. Getting covers for your radiators is a good idea too, as well as a gate for your stairs.

However, another big expense is toys. They do not just keep your child entertained, they help to inflame the child’s imagination. Children, when they are particularly young, will learn through movement and sensations which is why toys with lights that move and which have lots of different textures on them are so fascinating to babies. The only problem is where the baby is going to play with all of this stuff: the playroom, of course. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect atmosphere for your child to unleash their imagination:

First, children are no different from adults in so far as they need light, well-aired rooms. You should think about windows and doors that illuminate the room and allow fresh air to circulate. Besides, you are going to be spending lots of time there too so it needs to be a place that you’re comfortable in. Investing in a luxurious chair is not a bad idea either. You’ll need somewhere to sit when you feed your child. Otherwise, sitting on the floor all the time will not do you any good.

Another thing that you’ll quickly realise you’ll need is storage. You may not be up to putting all the toys away at the end of some days, but when you are equal to the task, you’ll need lots of room. A good tip is to invest in furniture that you can use when the child grows up, like a chest of drawers for instance. Even if you are planning on having more than one child and will need a playroom for more than just a few years, it is better to be able to come up with another purpose for the furniture eventually.

Lastly, you should set aside a part of the room for reading. Get a bean bag so that you can sit together and make a habit of reading to your child. It is so important for their development. Research has shown that it helps the parts of their brain that they use for mental imagery and understanding narratives.

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