Meal Planning Monday 9/10/2017

These weeks are flying by and it’s getting harder to try and make different things each week that we aren’t repeating from the week before. But with a little help from the wonderful world of pinterest I am managing to discover new ideas and meals that are easy to make.

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This weeks meal plan consists of:

Chicken Pie, creamy mash with Vegetables and gravy

Chicken Tikka stir fry with rice

Lasanga and garlic bread

Steak, chips, peas, mushrooms,Tomato’s onion rings & peppercorn sauce

Chicken Tikka stir fry with rice

Tuna Pasta Bake

Sausages Casserole.

What on your meal plan for this week?


6 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 9/10/2017

  1. Ever since I had twins I wanted to start meal planning but there is always something going on. My husband works out of town and is only home on the weekends so that makes it hard to do everything on Sundays.

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