Injections, Doctor Foster & Hitting The Big 30 #LittleLoves

This week has just flown by in a blur, Monday I spent at my parents tying up lose ends for the wedding, Tuesday we went to Gymboree at Notcutts Garden Centre and confirmed final details for our wedding cake, Wednesday we had Freddie’s 2nd lot of Injections, Thursday was my 30th Birthday and Friday was spent getting organised for my birthday gathering on Saturday.


Still nothing sadly.  I have a book one of my best friends gave me for a baby shower gift which I am still yet to open the front cover.  She has it too and said it is brilliant.


We have started watching Doctor Foster, we were both a bit unsure whether to start watching it but now we just can’t stop now.  We watch atleast one or two episodes each night.  We have almost finished the series now.


Nothing but the other week I made some cakes, A Chocolate orange cake and Rolo cupcakes.  They were pretty good for a first attempt.


Starting to have to dig out my winter wardrobe clothes as the weather is on a very slow decline, with it becoming very windy and cold.  Think my Uggs are going to have to come out soon too.


The very upsetting news of yet another mass shooting in Las Vegas. My thoughts go out to all the families that may of lost a special someone in this devasting circumstances.

And Lastly

Its now 3 weeks till our BIG day and i’m getting very slightly nervous now about the whole thing but also very excited and can’t wait to become MRS COOPER!



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Wife to Tom, First time Mummy to Little Boy Freddie and Auntie to 4 Boys & 1 Girl.

2 thoughts on “Injections, Doctor Foster & Hitting The Big 30 #LittleLoves

  1. Isabel O

    I’ve heard about the Hurrah For Gin book, it’s meant to be so funny!

  2. Jodie A Green

    ooooh that chocolate orange cake!!!!! yum!

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