Naps – Will He Sleep Tonight?

Freddie is over 3 years old and in pre school every morning 8.30-11.30am and then nursery 3 afternoons a week from 11.30 – 5.30pm and he loves it, settled in amazingly. We have been very fortunate that ever since he was a baby he has been an extremely good sleeper, just like his dad and slept through the night from around 2 months old!

Freddie Napping

Even though Freddie has days where he doesn’t nap in the day, if he wants to nap I will always let him, I will never take that away from him, he will give it up when he’s ready. I’ve certainly found that since he has started pre-school and going to a new nursery, where they don’t let him nap you can see it in his eyes that he’s tired when he comes homes and his behaviour can be horrible. He can have a meltdown over the smallest thing and is extremely clumsy and tearful.

There have been occasions where he will just be sat watching TV and I’ll find him asleep on the sofa or like a few weeks ago where he was eating his tea and he fell asleep. On occasions where this happens I will wake him up due to it been so late in the day and so he can finish eating his food, then get him ready for bed and take him up earlier.

Freddie fell asleep whilst eating tea

If anything, it helps me out him sleeping in the day when were home as I can get jobs done round the house, catching up on boring chores or just sit down and drink a hot cuppa tea in peace.

Freddie has always had a set routine at bedtime right from the beginning and it works well for us. Weekends obviously if we are out he will go to bed later but again that doesn’t necessarily mean he will sleep in later. He tends to go to bed around 8pm most nights because we don’t get home till at least 5.30pm we want to spend time playing with him before bed and have tea.

A lot of people say to me, if he has a long nap he won’t sleep through the night will he? Yes he will, if he didn’t need it he wouldn’t sleep. You can guarantee most days he’s up between 6-7am but some weekends it can be 8am or later. Unless we need to go out I won’t wake him up on a weekend.

Do your little ones still nap in the day?


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