Making Your Big Day Feel Like You

Your big day should be all about you and your partner; the two of you coming together to share your love, and the future you’ll have together, and there should be nothing but happy memories of this day when you look back on it in the years to come. 

And if you’re currently bogged down in wedding planning that feels nothing like you, and you’re getting less and less excited about your wedding as the days go on, it’s time to throw out the magazines and the mother in law’s opinion entirely! You need to do what feels right for you, as a couple, and that means making your big day feel like you.

Eat the Food You Like

The wedding dinner is a big part of the ceremony, and if you’re someone who hates having to plate out fancy foods, and you definitely hate having to fork out for such catering services, don’t be afraid to put the food you actually like on the menu, and/or make it yourself

Indeed, if you’re more of a fast food and convenient takeout kind of couple, why not just order some pizzas in? Everyone likes pizza! It’ll certainly make your wedding unique, and you get to eat something you love, on a big day that you’re wanting to remember. 

Play Your Own Music

If you want your wedding to feel like you, then you’re going to need to set the atmosphere up right! And one of the best ways to do just that is by playing your own music. Indeed, rather than pick a super romantic or classical tune for the first dance, why not just pick a tune off of your ‘favourites’ playlist, that both you and your partner love. 

Don’t worry, you won’t be lowering the tone here at all. It’s your wedding, and even if you’re worried your Gran may have a heart attack thanks to the tempo of your favourite hit, there are plenty of Wedding bands for hire out there who could put a more acoustic spin on the track! Music does a lot for building and improving our moods, so don’t discount this idea. 

Invite the People You Really Want There

And of course, then comes the guest list. Is it too long at the moment? Do you wish you could cut a few people off of it? Well go ahead! If you don’t want people to be there, you don’t have to invite them. 

Don’t be beholden to friends and family that you’re not sure would be good participants in the ceremony, because you don’t owe them anything here. This is your big day, and you want it to feel like you, and if there’s a troublesome guest who’s just RSVP’d, you can always rescind the invitation and free up some room. 

Your big day doesn’t have to be stuffy and overly expensive. Make it feel more like you by remembering the points above, and putting them to good use. 

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