My Glucose Tolerance Test – My first Pregnancy

My blood Test

I’ve heard this been spoken about and remember by Sister in Law talking about her experience but never thought I would have to go through it. Well here’s my experience.

I am now 15 weeks + 6 days pregnant and was sent a letter saying my doctor had requested me to go for a Glucose Tolerant Test (GTT). I didn’t know what to expect but was given some comforting words from friends that it wasn’t that bad, but was going to be a long day.

A week ago today the day finally came to have my glucose test, I had been dreading it. I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything other than water from 10pm the night before which was a big challenge as I love nothing more than a cup of tea in the morning, my appointment was at 9.45am at Solihull Hospital at the women unit and having been there a few times previously it was easy to find. We arrived a few minutes early after checking in at the first desk and headed down the corridor to the next desk I was asked to take a seat. They were running a little behind but not too bad. It was nice to have my mum with me so I had someone to talk to.

My View

After about 5/10 minutes of being seated, I was finally called to go and have my first set of bloods taken.  After the lady had got what she needed I was sent back to the waiting room with a jug of Lucozade and a cup, with instructions to drink it all within 5 minutes, I couldn’t walk anywhere except to the toilets.  Normally I quite like Lucozade, but a jug of it in to be drank in just five minutes on an empty stomach was not nice. Afterwards, I felt quite bloated and a little sick. I had to then sit in the waiting room for two hours, which was incredibly boring. Luckily I asked my mum to come to keep me company and give me someone to talk to.

Lucozade Drink

Then finally after a long 2 hours, I was called back in to have my final blood test done and then I was free to go home and head back to work.

After sitting down and not been able to move me and mum started walking home in the rain until my dad was able to pick us up and take us the rest of the way, because I hadn’t eaten for over 14 hours I walked into my parents house and ate about 10 custard cream biscuits, a chocolate bar and then beans on toast for lunch before heading back to work for the rest of the afternoon.

I assume I will hear the results of the test this week – fingers crossed it comes back clear!

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