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Well, I haven’t got involved in this linky for quite a few weeks as we’ve had quite a busy few weeks plus some ups & downs over the past few weeks.  


While having to sit at the hospital for almost 3 hours, I luckily took my kindle with me to read. I had downloaded a book called “The Boss’s Son which is an office romance and so far is very good and makes me not want to put it down.


Before Christmas, we received some very exciting news, my fiancé & I were having our first baby. It was a big shock as we were due to get married in July this year but we have managed to postpone it and move it to the end of the year



The last few weeks it has grown colder each day and been generally a miserable and then Thursday afternoon & Friday it started snowing very lightly, we even woke up to a dusting of snow on Friday morning but it sadly didn’t last very long and by late morning it had disappeared.



Mainly dresses with tights as I can’t fit into my trousers anymore, I’m coming up to my half way mark of 20 weeks currently at 16 weeks so I think I will definitely be needing some new clothes very soon but I did buy myself a new top when I was out with my friend the other weekend and it was in the January Sales too.  


Well, this we have done pretty well more so more than ever with food, we have been trying to eat fairly healthy but there hasn’t been any fancy flashy food made, but for a change, the OH has been taking over and helping out in the kitchen which has been amazing.  The best meal had to be a warm steak salad, it really was delicious.  I wish I had taken a picture.  And Lastly

And Lastly

Say hello to baby Cooper bump at 15 weeks, starting to feel real now.  


What have you been up to? 

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