Transform Your Home Into a Relaxing Haven

Home is the place we should feel the most comfortable. Kicking off your shoes after a long day and lounging on the sofa, or curling up in bed with a hot drink is absolute bliss. But to truly be a relaxing haven, there are a few changes you can make around the home to make it that bit more comfortable and cosy. Here’s how you can go about it!

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Clean and Declutter

As the saying goes- tidy home, tidy mind. And that couldn’t be truer, when you’re surrounded by mess and clutter, it definitely doesn’t put you in a relaxed mood. Since the countdown to Christmas is on, there’s no better time to have a deep clean anyway. You’ll need everywhere sparkling clean and ready for guests, and ready to put up your Christmas decorations. Once your home is clean and tidy, you’ll feel much more at ease, and find you can put your feet up and relax without any stress.

Set The Ambience

Lighting is everything when it comes to setting the mood and atmosphere in your home. Harsh overhead lights aren’t going to do much for putting you in a chilled out frame of mind, so invest in a couple of lamps. Different light sources around the room allow you to tailor the mood you’re after. You could also add scented candles which have the benefit of giving off beautiful soft lighting as well as the scent. There are tons of beautiful Christmas scented ones on the market at the moment so take full advantage! Sites like this have a wide selection https://www.yankeedirect.com/shop/christmas/large_jars/.

Invest in Quality Furniture

It doesn’t matter how nice your surroundings are if you’re trying to rest on a springy bed or watch tv on a sagging sofa. Buying quality pieces will be so much more comfortable to sit on and will last longer too. You could even go for something like a massage chair to help relieve the knots and tension most of us feel due to our busy lifestyles. You could consider something like http://www.shiatsuchairs.net/kahuna-massage-lm6800/ which gives you a ‘zero gravity’ experience.

Achieve That Spa- Like Quality In The Bathroom

A long soak in a hot bath can fix just about anything, and it’s a great way to unwind and warm up after a long day. But if you’re battling with mouldy grout, dodgy flooring and hoards of products then it’s never going to be as relaxing as it could be. If your budget is bigger, you could remodel the room entirely, opting for sleek tiles and a stunning roll top bath. If it’s on the smaller side, you can still revamp it without spending much. Buy some proper storage systems to keep everything neat. Touches like large fluffy towels and a soft bath mat will give you that luxury feeling without blowing your budget. A grout pen or scraping tool will have your tiles looking like new again. Either way, it’s an important room to focus on if you’re all about relaxation.

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