Planning for a wedding – Our Engagement

In February 2014 me and my boyfriend decided we were going away for a weekend, we decided on Suffolk for our 5th anniversary and Valentine’s Day, the weather was cold but lovely and sunny, we arrived early afternoon and we went and checked into our hotel, we stayed in a Premier Inn and went up to our room, unpacked and decided what we were going to do for the rest of the day/evening.

We headed out and had a wander round the town to see the sights, and we paid a visit to the arcades on the beach front later on in the afternoon too, I love arcades and have done ever since been a kid. We spent about an hour in there in total with me on the 2p machines and tom on basketball games and other machines, both getting addicted and winning lots of tickets to buy prizes with.  It was very busy with lots of families and kids playing on all the different machines.

After we had finished in the arcades, Tom said shall we go for a walk along the beach before we head back to the room to get ready to go back out and find somewhere to get some dinner, it was a lovely evening with the sun just setting overhead, the quiet sound of the waves washing up over the sand and stones.The beach seemed to go on for ever.

We stopped to just look out over the sea and watch the moon rise over the sea and that was then when it all happen…. I turned round to see my boyfriend had got down on one knee and asked me to marry him on the beach with the sun setting overhead……it was amazing and perfect in every way.

I got choked up and cried, I was so excited and wasn’t expecting it at all. We had spoken about getting married and looked at rings but that was it really.  I couldn’t wait to phone all my family and friends up and tell them that I was engaged.  I couldn’t stop smiling and still look at my rings every day and just smile to myself.

We have been engaged for 3 years this February and together for 7 years. Now we have finally booked and are starting to plan our BIG day for July 2017.

 Have you got any wedding plans?

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