Easter, Birthdays & One Born Every Minute #LittleLoves

Woo Hoo….Finally a nice long four day weekend, Yes I know some of you get 2 weeks off.  Work has as always been crazy and it’s not looking like it’s getting any quieter any time soon. Happy Easter Everyone.

Anyways this weeks Little Loves:


A few blog posts and that’s about it really.


I have watched the new series of One born every minute, Tuesday’s 9pm Chanel 4.  I have been watching this ever since it first came on the TV.  I love watching it even if it does make me super broody.


A dress to a friend’s daughter wedding reception.  It was a lovely evening.  I never have a clue what to wear to weddings/wedding receptions.  I need to get some more clothes for special occasions as I have quite a lot of weddings/receptions of family and friends coming up.


I don’t think it counts much as “made” but I plaited marzipan to put on top of cake at my friend’s house. It doesn’t look very pretty as marzipan is hard to platt without it breaking.  But here’s it is.  I do love marzipan.



It was my nephews birthday on Monday he turned 8 Years Old.  I just don’t know where the years are going.  He had his party at Laser quest and had a fantastic time with all his school friends.

And Finally…

Were off to my cousins this Easter weekend to catch up after not seeing her and fiance since last year.  So excited to see them both.

Hope you have all had a great week and Happy Easter and don’t eat too many eggs.

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