Plan The Perfect Baby Shower In 5 Easy Steps

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If you or a close one are expecting a baby, it will be a very exciting time! There will certainly be a lot of preparation and organising for the expectant parents. The baby will need new clothes and a whole load of other things ready for them before they enter the world. And that is where a baby shower helps. This American tradition has slowly been creeping its way into British culture for the past few years now. And there’s no wonder it’s become so popular over here! It’s a small get together for the new mum and all her close female friends and family. It is a chance for them to celebrate the upcoming arrival, but it is also a chance for the mum’s close ones to shower her with gifts – hence the name! The mum rarely organises the baby shower herself; it is something that her best friends will do. So, if your bestie has a baby on the way, think about throwing her a baby shower. Here are five steps to perfecting the event!

Pick The Date

Anytime during the pregnancy is fine for throwing the baby shower. However, many mums prefer to have one at a later stage during the pregnancy. She will then know that everything is going well and that the baby is healthy and developing properly. But it is best not to wait until just before the baby gets here. Otherwise, mum could be uncomfortable and sick of being pregnant! That won’t make for a good mood on the day of the shower! Once you have decided on a date, make sure you send out the invitations in good time. This way, everyone will know to keep the date free.

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Pick A Venue

If you want to keep things cheap, host the baby shower at your home or the mum’s home. This will, of course, depend on whether or not there will be enough space for all the guests. It is becoming increasingly popular to have a baby shower at a local cafe that does afternoon tea. This is a very sophisticated option and will give everyone the chance to relax over tea and cakes! If you want, you could also visit a baby show as part of the shower. Feel free to organise anything as part of the day, as long as it isn’t too active or physical. Otherwise, the expecting mum won’t be able to join in!

Organise Food

Your guests will want to nibble on some snacks during the day, so it’s a good idea to put on a bit of a spread. Planning a buffet is probably the easiest option if you are holding the shower in your very own home. If you don’t have many ideas, these great baby shower food ideas should help you out. If you are thinking of holding the shower elsewhere, check ahead to make sure there will be food available. Or that you will be able to stop off for a bite to eat on the way. Try to plan healthy food, as the mum will be sticking to a nutritious diet to help the baby’s development. But the odd sweet treat is perfectly alright! Many people get a baby shower cake – just like a birthday cake! Decorate it with some white icing and the parent’s names.

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Buy A Present

Now you will have to buy a present for the new parents! Most people buy gifts that are practical and can be used for the baby. Things like clothes, nappy bags and bibs are very popular. Gifts that will help mark the occasion are also often given at baby showers. Silver photo frames are a cute idea as the new parents can put a picture of their special delivery inside. Small trinkets are also great baby shower gifts, especially if they are bespoke. Think about ornaments that have the new baby’s name on. The mum will certainly appreciate some pampering gifts for herself as well. She will definitely need them to help her relax after the birth! Don’t forget the dad either. He could enjoy some fancy cigars or beer to celebrate the birth of his new child with!

Baby showers are a great way of showing the expecting mum just how much you care about her and how excited you are for her new baby. It will help her look forward to the birth and will also provide her with some handy presents that she can put to good use once the baby is here. The most important thing, though, is that she enjoys herself!


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