Get a New Front Door to Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The front of your house is the first thing you see when you get home. It’s what others see when they walk past, or even if they’re thinking about buying your property. More specifically, your front door makes one of the first impressions on anyone who sees your home. A lot of us haven’t given much thought to our front doors before. However, if you want to improve your home’s curb appeal, the door is an excellent place to start. Changing it can make a huge impact on your home’s image. Try out one of my ideas to make your front door a bit more exciting.

Go for Quality

Many of us have PVC front doors. They’re easy to keep clean, and they’re perfectly safe. However, they don’t look that great. If you want your home to look sophisticated, a PVC door is going to bring it down. They can look a bit cheap, especially if they’re a boring white. You can look at other options to make your home look classier. Wooden doors look great, and you can paint them in any colour you want. If you want to add even more class, choose something with a knocker that will give your door a more upmarket air.

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Add Some Colour

White doors aren’t very interesting, and they don’t catch the eye either. If everyone on your street has a white or brown door, yours will stand out immediately if you change the colour. You could choose whatever colour you like, although you might want to be sensitive to the property and the neighbourhood. Neon pink possibly won’t look great in a row of Victorian houses. However, you can still be bold with your choice if you think it will work.

Install Glass

A glass panel in your front door can make it look beautiful. Of course, you don’t want it to be transparent, or else anyone will be able to look in. Instead, you need to find a service that does decorative glass and glazing. You could have a clear, frosted panel that focuses on the pattern, or you could choose to have coloured glass. Another option is to have a panel of glass above your front door, instead of in it. The window should let some more light into your entranceway, especially if it’s in a good position for the sun.

Move Away from a Single Door

Most homes have one hinged door that swings inwards. These work well, so it’s no wonder that most people stick to them. However, if you want something different, you don’t have to stick with that option. You could change things up if you have the space to do it. For example, you could have double doors, instead of a single one. Your front door could even slide open, instead of being hinged. These are excellent possibilities if you want a drastic change.

Changing your front door could alter the whole look of your property. If you’re looking to up its curb appeal, it could be the best route to take.

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