Denim, Rain and Homemade cookies #LittleLoves

Wow that is another month over and gone already… Why are the months flying by so quickly?


Nothing this week has been crazy busy, going to try and sit down next week and read through people’s blog posts. I love reading what everyone else has been up to.


Rain, snow, hail and the sun shining, it’s been a week full of all four seasons, I just hope it improves soon.  I hate been cold and it’s been freezing.  Roll on Summer.


I have worn this, my denimn dress I brought the other day from New look.  I never thought full denimn would suit me but I love my new dress.  I tried to wear it with nothing on my legs but then soon realised it was a bit too cold and a little too short so put some leggings on underneath.  I’ve had lots of compliments when I’ve worn it so that’s given me confidence.



I made cookies unfortuantly not from scratch I cheated and brought a packet mix but my god they tasted pretty awesome.


Along with the every sort of weather all in one week we had a big thunder and lightening storm as well.  The lightening lit up the whole house and the thunder rumbled and roared for what seemed like forever but lasted only a short time.  I think our dog Carly was glad when it was all over.

And Finally…

Hope you have all had a great bank holiday weekend!?

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