Christmas – What a wonderful time of year

Surely now it’s not to early to start talking about the ‘C ‘ word.  YES CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is my favourite time of year, ever since I was a little kid I would never be able to sleep on Christmas Eve. I would always start putting the Christmas decorations up at my parents as soon as the 1st December arrived. I would always keep going on at my mum and dad about going to pick the Christmas tree up every opportunity I had I was that excited. Ever since I have known we have always had a real Christmas tree. I Just love the smell of them, makes it feel proper Christmassy (even if the needles do sometimes drop)

I usually start planning my Christmas present list, working out what to get friends and family, thinking about writing and posting my Christmas cards and starting to make my handmade Christmas cards from about beginning of November.

Last year 2014 we had just moved into our first home before Christmas so didn’t have a lot of time to get many decorations etc, we were given a Christmas tree and some decorations and I managed to buy a few baubles and lights but this year 2015 I am starting early and getting organised.

This was our first Christmas tree


I love real Christmas trees especially the smell, I know they do drop needles sometimes and can be a pain but it is what makes it feel more Christmassy to me. Between me and my fiance we have 4 nephews, youngest is 12 months and eldest is 7 years, and as you can imagine they get very excited about Christmas so we have to make sure we are ready and prepared well in advance.

On top of getting ready for Christmas I then start making my hand crafted cards and I have been lucky enough to be able to sell them at a couple of Christmas fayre’s, one was at my nephews school and the other was at a nursery, I did quite well at these and sold lots of my cards and was asked to also make a couple of personalised ones for baby’s 1st Christmas.

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I have sold my cards to family members too, I really enjoy making my cards and they are unique and you won’t find anything around like them. I tend to start making my Christmas cards around end of October after the mad rush of birthdays in the family.

You can find pictures of all my cards on my Facebook page at KimzKardz.  

All cards are available to purchase, you can contact via email Kimzkardz@btinternet.com or on my “contact me” page on here.

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