Meal Planning Monday 22/06/20

Well what a dramatic change in the weather we have had last week, I don’t mind it been dull and cold but wet is another matter, yes I still would go out in it if I had to but it’s not the sun is it, just thankful we haven’t had this the whole time during lockdown otherwise I would be climbing the walls. We ended up having an Indian takeaway last week as hubby fancied it and I throughly enjoyed it to be honest.

It’s also my last full week off work as I am going back to work from the 1st July but splitting it working from home and in the office as we don’t have childcare cover as Freddie’s Nursery isn’t open for another few weeks but didn’t want to say no to going back to work.

How is everyone else dealing with lockdown?

Click here to see last weeks meal plan

Duck chow mein

Seasoned chicken breasts with dauphinois potatoes, bacon and vegetables


Greggs sausage and bean melts with chips

Chicken in a white country french sauce with boiled rice and vegetables


Roast dinner with all the trimmings

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 22/06/20

  1. We only had one full day of rain last week and showers on Friday and that was enough.
    Enjoy your last full week off work.
    Great meal plan! We love the Sausage and bean melts. x

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