Meal Planning Monday 21/09/20

Last week was good, Freddie had a great week at pre school, settled in really quickly. He has also finished at his original nursery that he has been at since he was 9 months old so its end of an era but he starts his new wrap around one today so we will take him to school everyday and they will collect him until we finish work and go pick him up.

It was a hard week as I had to take 2 days holidays to have Freddie due to new restrictions on lockdown measure and not been able to see family which meant 2 days a week my parents couldn’t look after my son on the days they usually do And he’s got to go to nursery full time as I’ve got no other option.

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Sausage & mash pie

Spaghetti bolognese & garlic bread

Lamb hotpot with roast vegetables

Burgers & chips

Pan with dauphin potatoes and vegetables

Fish and Chips

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

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