Meal Planning Monday 20/04/20

It’s now been confirm that we are on lockdown for at least another 3 weeks, I do hope everyone is staying safe. I’m kinda getting a little fed up now and have had a couple of times where I have struggled but I know we are all in this together so we just have to power through.

My chicken, bacon & potato pie was super yummy, we really enjoyed it. It did take a while to prep but was delicious. If the weather carries on next time I go shopping I will get stuff in to do a BBQ, I know it won’t be the same just us 3 but something for a change of meals and can sit in the garden with some music on and a drink in the sun.

Click here for last weeks plan

Lamb shanks in red wine sauce with new potatoes and vegetables

Chilli with dirty fries

Katsu curry with sticky rice

Pan fried pork with homemade wedges, apple salsa and spinach

Chicken, cheese & bacon wrapped in puff pastry, with chips and beans

BBQ (weather dependant) or burgers

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

Hope everyone has a good week

6 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 20/04/20

  1. I have had a few days where I’ve felt fed up to but we just have to get on with it. Ugh.
    I have been thinking about having a BBQ but we’re struggling to get meat at the moment. I hope the weather stays nice for you.
    Great meal plan. I love the sound of the Chilli with dirty fries x

  2. Chicken, cheese and bacon in puff pastry – hmmmm, sounds delicious ! I know what you means about feeling a bit meh, especially when it’s hot and sunny, but we can do this. In a few months, it’ll all seem like a distant dream (hopefully !) 🙂

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