Meal Planning Monday 11/01/21

First week back at work, done, first week of home schooling with a 3 year old done. Luckily for us its not as strict due to his age but we still want him to interact and do as much as we can. It was a juggle but 90% of the time he was pretty good and well behaved. Freddie was given tasks of reading and making a stickman then doing floating and sinking which he loved. It’s just trying to keep him busy so we can crack on with work too.

I finally went food shopping yesterday too but trying not to buy too much in case we suddenly get the go ahead with a moving date.

Click here to see last weeks plan

Meatballs with courgette spaghetti

Lemon & garlic salmon with sweet potato fries and salad

Homemade herb lamb steaks with sweet potato fries & salad

Battered cod & creamy mash with beans

Pork steaks with gratin potatoes and salad

Chicken stir fry with egg noodles

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

3 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 11/01/21

  1. Well done Freddie, it sounds like the home schooling is going well. Good luck with getting a moving date.
    I love the sound of the Lemon & garlic salmon. Great meal plan x

  2. I have to laugh at some of the tasks the school have set us, ‘use pasta to make a drawing’ err I’ll pass thanks!
    Hope you have a good week and thanks for linking up.

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