Meal Planning Monday 05/07/21

Last week was drama, as Tuesday afternoon, me & 7 other’s got sent home from work to self isolate after the NHS app pinged to say we had all been in contact with someone, so I spent from Tuesday working from home, which was nice but put me out of sorts again as I like routine.

The only people that never got it were the people that didn’t have the app, which I don’t think is right as it is protecting people.

Anyways, it’s only a 2 day week for me at work this week as I’ve booked from Wednesday off as it’s Freddie’s 4th Birthday Thursday, can’t believe he is going to be 4.

Then the weekend we are having a little party for him with friends & family, BBQ & Bouncy castle so will be good, just hoping the weather holds out for us.

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Nando’s chicken wraps

Southern fried chicken burgers & chips

Pork steak & dauphinoise potatoes

Lunch at the pub then party tea for Freddie’s 4th Birthday

Chicken & bacon gnocchi

Freddie’s Birthday BBQ with family & friends

Leftover BBQ food

Hope you have a great week?!

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 05/07/21

  1. It’s a shame that people can avoid isolating by just not having the app isn’t it!

    I hope this week is a good one for you! Happy Birthday to Freddie!

  2. Ugh! To the having to isolate. It is unfair that people who don’t use the app don’t have to isolate. It’s just another reason that cases are going up.
    Happy birthday to Freddie! I hope he has a fab day and party.
    Fab meal plan x

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