Meal Planning Monday 28/06/21

Well the last few weeks have been crazy, starting off with lovely weather then the rain. I don’t get bothered by the weather as it nature so can’t be controlled so I just go with it, not going to achieve anything by moaning.

My parents came over the other weekend and help me in the garden as we have only got a few weeks till Freddie’s 4th Birthday so want to get it looking nice, then we ended up getting a KFC for tea with them.

I have officially start my AAT training qualification so will be studying for that in all my spare time.

Did anyone else have that massive thunder and rain storm Friday? We did in Birmingham.

On Saturday we were meant to be going to my friends daughters christening/ first Birthday party, but got cancelled Friday night as she came down with chicken pox, but I managed to pop in and see her Sunday on her actual birthday and give her the present.

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Chilli nachos

Parmesan & bacon gnocchi

Chicken and sausage risotto


Gousto: Cheesy beef burger with chimichurri mayo

Shepherds pie

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

Hope you all have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 28/06/21

  1. Good luck with your AAt training.
    We didn’t have any thunder on Friday but it did rain all day.
    Great meal plan. I could just eat some Chilli nachos now x

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