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* I paid for this myself with a discount code from Katykicker

I have heard a lot about these subscription boxes and wanted to try them for myself and when I was given a discount code for 50% off the first box and then 30% off the rest of the month I thought its too good not to try it now.

Gousto is an online recipe box company that will send you meals in the post. You will receive all, or almost all, of the ingredients that you require for an agreed recipe.

You can choose to order for 2 or 4 people, and our box was based on 2 people. Every week they have new recipes and they can cater to meat eaters and vegetarians.

I ordered my first box to arrive on Monday 29th March and we were really impressed by it, the freshness and the quality of the food was excellent.

Grab yourself *money off Gousto boxes for a whole MONTH as a new customer!

This is how your box will look when it arrives. They give you a time slot of all day but then on the day they give you a time slot between certain times, but if your not available you can leave it in a safe place such as porch etc…

There were also Gousto ice packs, which were still frozen solid when my order arrived. All of the goods in my order were at a great temperature and I was not worried about the temperature at all.

With every box you get the instruction cards to keep so you can keep making them at home over and over.

This was the finished result of the beef meatballs. I did enjoy it but found it a little bland could of done with a bit more flavour, but we still enjoyed them.

Each of the recipes is portion controlled, and the recipe cards also have the timings and cooking instructions for each meal. In my experience the timings are generous and each time we were able to cook the recipes in slightly less than the quoted time.

The only downside to some of the dishes were they were quite heavy on the greens and herbs so was a little of putting but going forward we can change the quantities ourselves.

Our favourite out of this box was defiantly the crispy chicken wraps and chilli mayo.

My Gousto review…

I have been really pleased with the quality of the Gousto boxes, had it not been for the discount code I would never of given it a go, but so glad I have.

The boxes have all arrived on time except one that didn’t arrive till the evening, but we worked round that and all have been well packaged. I received a freebie of a wooden spoon in the first box.

I like being able to read the meal cards online before purchasing and it is great to see the selection on offer each week. The menu is varied and changes frequently too, which is fantastic.

I will be sure to buy more in the future and recommend them to family & friends as at the price with the discount is amazing.

Special offer for my readers

Has my Gousto review made you want to try a box for yourself? Well now you can – at a significant discount!

When I signed up my first box, of 4 meals picked by me for 2 people, was just £14.99! This was absolutely fantastic value and was a great opportunity to try out the service. It is also less than the cost of one takeaway.

Gousto boxes are a subscription service so ensure that if you do not want another box that you pause or cancel your subscription online. I have done this and now just place a single order as and when I want a box.

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  1. These boxes sound amazing and I glad they really are. The recipes are something a little different to what I would normally cook and everything sounds so fancy but so good. x

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