Meal Planning Monday 01/03/21

Pinch, Punch first of the month!

Seriously where are the days, weeks & months going? I can’t keep up. Hopefully we can say we are actually finally moving house this month though. We nearly exchanged on Wednesday of last week but our buyers had to return the mortgage money and re apply as it had expired or something, so we can hopefully say this month still depending on the banks.

It’s my dads birthday on Thursday so we will pop over and give him his present after work. Then just a case of packing up as much as we can I suppose so there isn’t a mad rush.

Click here for last weeks meal plan

Tomato sausage pasta

Thai green curry with garlic & coriander naan bread

Fish & chips

Shepherds pie

Lasagna & garlic bread

Chicken burgers & chips

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

Have a great week all!

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