What’s The Right Style For Your Home?

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There are hundreds of posts all over the internet about what interior design styles are currently fashionable, and which one’s you should forget about. There’s no doubt that this is great after all, many of us love to stay on trend and keep our homes looking as fresh and up to date as possible. But there’s one thing that a lot of these kinds of posts seem to forget about, and that’s the fact that not every home is going to work with every design style. In fact, the type of home that you live in is going to have an enormous impact on the kind of interior design work that you do in it. In the same way that not every person can wear the same types of clothes, not every home fits with every design choice. To help you make the right choices for where you live, here is some advice on choosing the perfect style for your home.

Look at the building

One of the biggest factors that will impact what kind of interior design aesthetic that you choose is inevitably going to be the building itself. After all, it’s a pretty rare occurrence that the exterior and interior of a home are complete and total opposites. If your home has a fabulously rustic and rural style, it’s going to seem a little odd if you decorate and design it in a radically modern way. By the same token, if you’re living in a brand new, modern apartment complex then trying to make it look like an old farmhouse is going to seem a little bit strange.

Think about your furniture

Many of us don’t have the budget in mind to change the furniture in our house every time we want to redesign the interiors. Instead many of us find the perfect piece of furniture that we really love and invest in that as something we’ll be using well into the future. This means that you should always be thinking about your furniture when deciding on the style of each room. If your living room furniture is the epitome of class and elegant style, then it’s hardly going to fit well if the rest of the room looks like a college dorm, complete with beer pong and posters.

Be consistent

If there’s one piece of advice that every single person should follow when figuring out the right design options for their home it’s that you should always strive for a consistent theme throughout. This doesn’t mean that every single room has to be the same. But few things can make a home feel confusing and messy than having a completely different style in every single room. If you’ve chosen a style that emphasizes a retro aesthetic, then that’s something that you should keep up throughout every room. Of course, within that theme, there’s plenty of room for expressing yourself so be sure to get creative and make specific design choices for each individual room.

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