Wedding Registries -The Pros and Cons

Todays bride and grooms have discovered the power of the internet. Online registries are very popular.

While wedding registries are a wonderful way to gift and be gifted with the guarantee that your gift is perfect, all wedding registries are not created equally.

The platforms offered by crowdfunding are industry leaders. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of popular wedding registries.


Amazon.com has a versatile registry that allows you to choose items from anywhere in the world. It is a popular choice.


Huge selection

Able to read product reviews before choosing an item

Amazon return/refund policy


If a guest chooses an item on your list that is sold from a different vendor they are directed to the vendor’s site.  This means your information would have to be on the vendor’s site in order for you to receive it.  This can be time-consuming and a hassle for the gift giver.

Unless the gifter is a member of Amazon Prime, shipping fees are steep.


Honeyfund always ranks highly in the wedding registries arena. Honeyfund allows the couple to set up traditional registries as well as money donation.

Pros: Honeyfund is a free site. You can utilise all your registries in one location. Gifters can pay for an item or “chip in” on a purchase.  Very easy to use especially if your guests are from different cities or countries.

Certainly, the gift is wanted.

Cons: The site encourages the receiver to set their fund up through PayPal for fast access. PayPal charges a small transaction fee.


Plumfund is a zero fee crowdfunding platform which is hugely popular in various venues, including wedding registries. Many couples opt for a Plumfund account to use their gifts for fundraising for a loved one or their favourite charity.


No fees

Easy to use

Set up for gifts, or charity  


Some people feel it inappropriate to fundraise for their wedding.

Large platform can be overwhelming

Simple Registry

Simple registry is super easy to use and connects seamlessly with hundreds of vendors.


easy to use

massive choices


You do not actually get the gift the gifter is sending, but instead get the money to pay for the gift

There is 5% fee on the gift, reducing the amount of money you receive

Once you opt to take the money there is a 72 hour waiting period

My Registry

My registry is more like an online store registry. It is super easy to use.


Very easy to use

Can sync with traditional sites to make gifting easy


The site does not charge a fee, but they go through PayPal which does. Your gifts come from a third site so your information must be set up at all the locations you tie to your account.

Wedding registries are a great modern tool. They allow you to give a gift you know is wanted with a wide range to choose from – you could even contribute to your favourite couple’s awesome Hawaii honeymoon.

Whether collecting for charity or a destination wedding, wedding registries are the way to go. Honeyfund and Plumfund are our top picks for ease of use, money saving, and reliability.

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