Preparing For Baby: What Colour Should You Paint The Nursery?

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For something that should be so simple, it can be surprisingly tough figuring out how you’re going to paint your baby’s nursery.

To begin with, you have to make the decision of when you should paint. Do you paint late into the pregnancy, because to do so too soon would feel like you were tempting fate? Or do you go for it early on, because what if the baby comes early and you find yourself with only a half-decorated nursery to place them in? Bear in mind you’re making these decisions while pregnant, which at the best of times – thanks to the infamous baby brain – is not exactly simple!

When you manage to negotiate the “when should I decorate?” question, it should be smooth running from there… unfortunately, it’s anything but. You then have the problem of deciding which colour you’re going to ask your decorator to use. Talking of: let’s be realistic, you’re going to bring those such as Cameron Davidson – painters and decorators with professional experience – to do the work, because when pregnant there’s probably a thousand things you would rather do than wield a brush! While the pros can take that off your hands, the colour decision is still going to be down to you.

If you have chosen to learn the sex of your baby, does that mean you have your answer? Blue for a boy, pink for a girl? Or is that conforming to gender stereotypes, so you should go for a more neutral colour? Or should you just totally reverse it? Or do gender stereotypes even matter for a baby? Should you go for a gender neutral colour like yellow, just in case? Or does everyone go for yellow for that exact reason?

You go through some of the above if you’ve chosen not to learn the baby’s gender, too, only with a few more added. What if you pick a feminine colour and have a boy or vice versa? And on and on it goes…

So, steering clear of the cliche colours of pink, blue, and yellow, it’s still possible to have a gorgeous nursery that you and your baby will love. The below might be unconventional, but that’s an advantage if you don’t want to choose something that everyone else does. Stand out with colour choices that’ll still work for both genders, while still giving that wonderful “baby’s room” hue.

Dove Grey

Dove grey is a beautiful, soft colour that has the benefit of also being a blank canvas. You can accessorise in any colour you want, and it’s almost impossible to clash with such a neutral colour. It’s also becoming more popular, so you should be able to find something you love.

Mint Green

If you prefer the idea of something brighter, then mint green is the answer to your prayers. It’s fresh and relatively neutral and will help bounce light around the room. It’s also becoming easier to find, with many of the big name brands electing to include it in their ranges.

White + Feature Wall

The benefit of this decision is that if you change your mind about the feature wall colour, you only have to repaint one wall. The rest is a clean white – though it’s advisable to go for washable paint, bearing in mind this is going to be a baby’s room!

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