Smoothing Out Your Home Working & Tech Experience With These Applications


Many people work from home in the modern age. The utilitarian accessibility of the internet allows many people to call their office their home. Whether you’re a writer, a programmer, or an artist, having the correct home setup is one of the more comfortable and personable ways to earn your living.

This also helps tremendously if you have kids, and need to divvy up your time spent with them alongside time spent at your workstation. However, you’ll need to take a little bit of time assessing your home setup and make sure that it’s contributing to a healthy working lifestyle, as opposed to taking away from it.

Here are a few applications or services to utilize from your home system to help you do just that. These will either improve your health, streamline your workday or simply help you have a better work/life balance.


Flux is a fantastic program for those who work late into the night. Hey, if you’re working from home, you might as well make use of the benefits of doing so right? Working late into the evening can both spur creativity as well as give you a clearer mental picture of what you need to do, something that can be difficult to identify in the middle of the day.

Flux is a program that identifies your coordinates in a general sense and then applies an amber filter to your screen. This lessens the harshness of the bright blue monitor. Not only does it help your eyes see the screen with less irritation, but it reduces the blue-light factor that contributes to tricking your brain into thinking the sun is still up. This can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm and is actually more frustrating to your sleep pattern than a before-bed espresso coffee would be.


Evernote is a useful note-taking application that allows you to organize your thoughts in categorizable formats. You can keep your notes tagged and synced between devices, which really helps if your home broadband is temporarily down. You can also clip website content such as articles or images for future use. This is especially useful if you’re an artist and need to create online collages or mood boards for inspiration.


Ccleaner is a brilliant program that removes all the unnecessary temporary files off of your system and allows your computer more memory to utilize towards the programs you actually intend to use. It can delete extensive recorded search history that’s clogging your machine up too. Just think of this is a quick internal polishing program for your hard drive.

Java Garbage

If you’re a programmer, it’s likely that you use Java to code with. It’s the most popular programming language, due to its universally applicable functions, and it’s simple-to-use logical formatting. However, after a while, some of the code you’ve written might be rendered useless by superior code you’ve entered. If this is the case, you’ll need a program or service that assesses this. You can learn more about this process at Stackify.com. You can trust that if you’re a home programmer, this will be an absolute godsend, and help you deliver on your client briefs in a much more timely and effective manner.

Use these programs and you can be sure to revolutionize the way you work from home.

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