Want To Expand Your Social Circle? Here’s How…

Whether you’re trying to make new friends, network your business or find a new partner, it’s easier the more people that you know. But how do you go about purposefully building your social circle? Isn’t it something that should happen naturally? Well, yes – but there are ways to push the process along. You don’t have to make friends with random people on the street, but you can go out of your way to find social situations. Here are just a few great ways that you get to know more people.

Join a new club

Whether it’s a sport or a society, a club will force you to meet new people. Think of a hobby that you’ve always wanted to take up whether it be painting or martial arts, and try a class. Other groups can help you find people with similar interests such as film clubs, entrepreneur groups and activist groups. Libraries, town halls and community centres can all be great places for notifying you of clubs in your local area.

Get involved in your community

Community work can help you to meet new people in your area. This could anything such as joining a rotary club, volunteering at a local charity event or helping to organise a local project.  When you volunteer for charity, you contribute to several causes intended to spread help and positivity. As an individual, it becomes an opportunity to expand your horizon and even better, widen your social circle. Although you do not receive salaries for your work as a volunteer, the benefits are enormous. Organisations like the Salvation Army are a great place to start.  Find your cause and pursue at – you’ll find like-minded people that also support it.  Even visiting local fairs, conventions and festivals can help you to get to know your community.

Become a regular

Every bar, café and shop has its regulars. Become a loyal customer and get to know the staff and other clientele. Bars are great, natural places to meet new people. Find a place that fits your age and demographic and becomes a regular.

Meet people online

Meeting strangers over the web is pretty commonplace now. Dating sites in particular have taken off and there are sites catered to all types of hooking up from meeting a partner of the same religion to senior dating. Even if you no dates work out, you’ll end up meeting new people this way that could open you up to other opportunities.

Social media meanwhile is generally better for connecting with the people you already know, however it can be great for keeping track of social events such as parties and local events in your area. Forums can also be great places for meeting new people, as well as sites for meeting potential travel buddies such as Trip Together and business networking sites such as Linked In.

Use the acquaintances you already have

It’s important to keep on to the network you still have and use these people to your advantage. Friends of friends and friends of family members can help expand you social group. If you have a particularly social friend, go on a night out or trip with them. Try to embrace social opportunities whenever they come up – some of the best acquaintances are often found through some of the most unlikely social circumstances.

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