Around The World In 5 Weddings

If you’ve ever read Jules Verne’s famous Around the world in 80 days, you may be wondering whether there are similar experiences nowadays. While we can’t all book the next ticket for a trip around the world, what we can certainly do is discover the different customs and traditions that fill people’s lives around the globe. How about diving into a topic that is close to everyone’s heart, weddings, and observing how our neighbours celebrate their union?  

British Weddings

Oddly enough, more and more couples in the UK and the USA are looking at wedding organization with a fresh mind and a love for entertainment. This is probably why the most difficult choice that a bride and her groom have to make in these countries is to decide on the perfect wedding venue. Picking your venue says a lot about your social aspirations, your dreams and your personal image – more than it does in any other country. Unfortunately, this is the main reason why British weddings can cost up to £30,000 – for some of us; this is the equivalent of a year’s salary.

German Weddings

German weddings are full of fun traditions – which might seem surprising given the impression of austerity that most Britons have about Germany, but it turns out that the clichés are wrong: Germany is a fun country after all. At some point during the reception, the bride is falsely kidnapped and taken to a pub by the groomsmen. It’s then up to the groom to find his bride and pay the bill for the night. Then at midnight, she dances with the groom’s relatives around three candle on the floor. If the flame goes out, then it’ll be a troubled union.

Candles, Candlelight, Light, Wax, Candlestick, Wick

Indian Weddings

A traditional Indian wedding can last for several days, and never starts without the blessing of the elder of both families. This is the beginning of the ceremony and marks the exchange of the rings. However, the days of celebration only come on the next day and are rich in colours, smells, and rituals. Traditional weddings are so bright and colourful that it is not uncommon to book for a specialist Indian wedding photography service to record the several days of the wedding. Indian weddings combine a series of rituals, religious services, celebrations, and finally the ceremony in at atmosphere of chants and symbolism.

Chinese Weddings

Chinese weddings are lesser known in Europe outside of the traditional red garments. In truth, Chinese weddings begins with a procedure of birthday matching, where a fortune-teller will proceed to marriage divination, according to the Chinese astrology. Only then could the arrangement be made for the ceremony.

Russian Weddings

Last, on the list, Russian weddings are full of fascinating, quirky rituals. This starts with an obstacle course on the bride’s stairwell for the groom to follow to win his bride. A superstition wants the bride and groom to take a bite of bread with salt after the ceremony. It’s said that the one who takes the biggest bites wears the pants in the relationship!

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