Top 4 Industries To Invest In Post-Covid-19

As the world slowly emerges from lockdown, investors of all kinds will want to know, how can they make a buck or two, in the recovery? There are several industries that will come out on top, as the global economy begins to get back to its normal ebbs and flows. It’s in your best interest to start reading about how these industries work, why they are so popular and how you can ride their waves to make a lot of profit in such a short amount of time.

Real Estate

Real estate will recover alongside hospitality because people will want to go on holiday again. Therefore you want to invest in properties that are geared towards holiday resorts, hotels, and apartments especially. Take for example Meriton Apartments which are perhaps the most amazing real estate opportunities in the entirety of New South Wales. The Reflections building has apartments that are facing the sparkling waters of the Rhodes Peninsula. The sun beating down on the surface creates a shimmering effect as the waters flow by the building. Wealthy clients will be stepping on each other to be first to rent such apartments so they can enjoy life after the lockdown has lifted. This is your chance to buy an apartment and rent it out at reasonably high prices.


Some nations are admitting that flying will be put on hold for a little while longer. Thus, instead of investing in the airline industry, take that money to the automotive industry. So many people will be having a staycation, and renting vehicles to take on their road trips. Electric vehicles are the field in which to make the majority of your investment. In January of this year, Tesla’s stock price was $510. Now, just a few months later it’s almost triple that of $1,486. This is definitely going to go higher once the lockdown lifts as more people will be putting in orders for their Model 3 and Cybertruck products. 


The bars and clubs are slowly being opened and we’re seeing a surge in the beverage industry, most notably alcoholic drinks. In a shocking turn of tradition, alcoholic beverages have actually spiked in sales. This is something not seen in most other recessions. This is an industry that is very beginner-friendly for investors because the stock prices are low compared to other industries. Anyone can get started and buy a few shares of the most famous brands like Budweiser which is currently $54.28. Coor is currently $36.35 and Jack Daniels is currently $63.25. All of which have risen continuously for the past 2-3 months. 


Contrary to what some experts thought the lockdown would do to the retail industry, millions of consumers have kept buying. They have done so, online. So invest in wholesalers like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba while the stock price is still reasonably priced. When everything is allowed to open again, rest assured we will see an even bigger spike in sales from these websites.

Investors have so much choice when it comes to post-Covid-19 opportunities. Real estate is still a very strong industry to invest in because prices are currently low but expected to sharply rise again. 

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