Meal Planning Monday 13/07/20

Been back at work is going great loving it, I know people will disagree and wonder why I wanted to go back to work over spending it at home with Freddie but it was what works best for us and only been in my job for 6 weeks prior to all this I felt I couldn’t say no to going back. We are still enjoying our 2 days at home together and making the most of them for the month.

Freddie had a great birthday despite not been able to celebrate properly but we had Nanny & Grandad over for lunch and Grandma & Grandpa over for tea. He got truly spoilt by everyone. Sadly we never got to celebrate with Freddie’s best friend at the weekend though but we will make up for it all.

Well today is my mums birthday so we are off round to see her and will no doubt have a buffet style tea there again. I also will need to go food shopping again, I feel like I’ve spent my life in shops recently for varies things.

Click here for last weeks meal plan

Mum’s Birthday – Buffet style

Chicken, bacon, pasta and cheese sauce bake

Meatballs and pasta

Pan fried pork, homemade wedges, garlic spinach and apple salsa

Fajitas and chips


Roast dinner with all the trimmings

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