Managing Your Finances With Jayhawk Advisors

We all like to spend our well earned money or wages once it hits our bank account, but sometimes we can find ourselves a little bit stuck for cash and turning to loan sharks, credit cards and overdrafts. This is where Jayhawks advisors can help you.

January always seems to be the hardest month, especially after the expense of Christmas and waiting for that very much needed payday which seem to be taking forever to come around. Unfortunately the world can’t stop and wait for us to catch up and you can guarantee something will break down or malfunction, or like someone reversing into my car while it was parked up stationery just the other week.

Here are a few steps to help you deal with your debt issues

Asking for help from relatives

Over the years, ever since we have been home owners and started a family we have been short of cash over some months due to redundancies or other personal things and have had to turn to help from our parents or dip into savings, which isn’t ideal. If our families couldn’t do it then we would have to think of a plan b.

Sitting down and managing your finances

Downloading or setting up an excel spreadsheet with all your incomings and outgoings to try and work out if there is anything you can reduce or cut out completely to save you some money each month. You could be paying too much money out for something you could get cheaper by switching to an alternative supplier or changing tariffs if you can’t keep on top of your current monthly payments. We have done this personally and it has certainly helped us see where all our money goes each month, then the money you save you could put towards an existing debts to try and that paid off quicker.

Have a Chat to Jayhawk Advisors

If none of the options above are doable for you, I would advise having a chat with Jayhawk Advisors. They speak with hundreds of people in the same and even more significant financial situations than yourself. No matter how uncomfortable you may feel about the predicament that you’ve gotten yourself into. Just know that the person on the other end of the telephone is not there to judge you but to help you make your life easier. So, instead of paying money back to loads of different companies each month, all your debts get placed into one lump sum and you pay it off that way. This is far easier for those who struggle to keep track of their repayments. Jayhawk advisors prioritise what clients need by offering a single monthly payment with low interest rates.

Finally, always remember there is help out there for you and a problem halved is a problem solved so don’t suffer in silence or alone talk to someone whether it be family or a professional body like Jayhawk advisors and can help you consolidate your debts to much more manageable sizes.

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