Being A Social Student: Remember Buddies As Well As Studies

If you’re stressing out during your studies at high school or college, you’re not alone. In fact, you’d be in the minority if you weren’t. Still, so many people seem to manage to juggle a million and one different things within their life as a student. Perhaps you look at them and wonder how they can find the time to study relentlessly for that upcoming exam whilst also allowing themselves to have fun with their friends and party at the weekends. It can be hard to imagine yourself ever managing that balance.

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The key, of course, to balancing your studies and social life is to, simply, balance them. You don’t need be studying or socialising in excess, and this is a great lesson for life in general. Everything consumed in moderation is enjoyed much more. Split your time half and half between studies and relaxation, and your brain will simply learn to chill out a little more. Of course, this may all be easier said than done. If you want a little guidance, then here are some ways to fit socialising with buddies around your important studies.

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Cook with friends.

Everybody need to eat, right? That’s one activity you can’t rule off the agenda as too time-consuming, I’d hope. Seeing as you need to do it, then, you could turn cooking into a social activity. You could make a meal with your flatmates for all of you to sit down and enjoy together. It doesn’t matter if you mess up, because at least you’ll have had fun and hopefully end up eating something, at least.

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You don’t have to go clubbing to move.

If you like the social element of clubbing and the dancing, but not so much the drunken company with which you’re surrounded, you don’t have to resort to locking yourself away in your student room. There are other ways to socialise without resorting to any old tacky club, and evening activities either put on by the college or taking place in your local area might be a great call. There are plenty of teachers out there who conduct dance classes for young adults such as you, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a class which is right for your needs in terms of studying and socialising.

You can take your current friends and make new ones when you take part in an extracurricular activity. There are probably so many sports or fun events your college is already putting on in the evenings which you don’t know about, and it doesn’t have to swallow up too much of your spare time. You’re in control of what you do and when you do it now, because you’re an adult. You could even start your own club or committee with friends if you don’t like anything else that’s currently on.

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Remember to keep your wits about you.

On a more serious note, the best way to have fun with friends when you’re out and about around your college or high school is to always keep a level head. When you’re a college student in particular, you’ll be living away from home, and it’s up to you to find your independence and be responsible for yourself. Impress your parents, and prove to them, as well as you, that you can look after yourself.

Find out the sensible routes to take when walking home, and don’t travel back from the nightclub on your own. Finding out which clubs do cheaper deals on certain nights is also a great way to use your practical and level head for good use, because you can go out far more often if you’re spending less every time you do hit the town. That’s some crucial student logic for you.

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