Simple Pleasures You Can Find in the Kitchen

Enjoying life is something that very few people do. Our lives are so busy and filled with all kinds of responsibilities and stress that we can sometimes forget what enjoying a hot home-cooked meal with friends and family feels like. The kitchen is a surprisingly underutilised part of most homes in the UK because of how cheap it is to buy ready-made meals, takeaway meals or even eat out at some budget locations. However, the kitchen is a place where many simple pleasures in life can be had, and this guide will teach you the basics.

Green and Orange Vegetables on Black Frying Pan

The joys of fresh coffee

What better way to start the day than a fresh brew of coffee? It doesn’t have to be instant coffee either. Why not invest a bit of money in proper coffee beans, a grinder and a machine with lots of features? It doesn’t take much to grind a few beans in the morning and pop them into your coffee maker, and you can go about your morning chores such as taking a shower or preparing breakfast while the coffee brews. Check out CoffeeGrinderHub.com if you want reviews on the best coffee grinders and machines that money can buy. It’s a surprisingly effective way to add a little happiness into your day and a good hot cup of coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures.

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Baking is fun and heartwarming

Baking a cake is easier and more fun than you might imagine. All it takes is a little elbow grease and some precise measurements of ingredients. Baking is a great pastime that will create tasty treats you can give to friends and family members, and you can even make it a group activity with you friends or even the children. Bake some simple cupcakes, get some toppings and icing and have the kids design their own cupcakes to eat or share with their friends at school. Check out BBCGoodFood.com if you want some delicious and easy recipes to get started. You’ll also want some simple measuring tools like some scales, spoons and some mixing bowls.

Beautifully served table for dinner

The humble dinner party

It’s probably been awhile since you last attending a dinner party. A home cooked meal, a tasty dessert to go with it, and some crisp wine to wash it all down followed by some post-dinner entertainment such as a board game or a film. Life doesn’t get any more simple than a humble dinner party surrounded by your friends and family. It’s a great way to connect with the neighbours, rekindle relationships, and catch up on the daily happenings of people you haven’t spoken to for some time. You don’t have to splash out just to get a good dinner party started either. Delish.com has a wealth of cheap dinner party recipes that will have you and your guests salivating—and they’re not hard to make either!


There are plenty of reasons to get involved with your food and take a more active role in the kitchen. You’ll find many simple pleasures that are heartwarming and will create wonderful memories with you and your friends and family.

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