4 Reasons Horses Are The Most Underrated Pets

No doubt your kids will often pester you about getting a pet. Normally, they want a kitten, a puppy, or even a rabbit. Today, I want to bring you a piece dedicated to the most underrated pet on the planet; a horse.

Horses make great pets and can be a good alternative to cats, dogs, and other popular pets. Don’t believe me? Check out these four reasons why horses are great:

Brown horse on field

They’re Low-Maintenance Pets

The great thing about horses is that they’re very low-maintenance. You don’t have to constantly worry about them and keep bringing them meals and making sure they go for a walk. Instead, you can leave them with a load of food that lasts them a few days and they can just keep going back to it as they please. Plus, your horse will live in a big open field and is free to trot around as much as it likes and rest as much as it likes too. So, you really don’t have a lot to worry about with a horse, particularly when compared to other high-maintenance pets, like dogs, that always need your attention.

Brown and White Horse  

They Never Mess Up Your House

One of the drawbacks of pets is that they can seriously mess up your house. Dogs and cats will likely scratch furniture and get their fur everywhere, not to mention the fact they think your house is one giant toilet! However, with a horse, you never have to worry about them messing up your house. They’re so big, you simply can’t keep them inside your house. As mentioned earlier, you have to keep them in a field instead. Of course, when the weather gets rough, and they need somewhere warm with shelter, you still don’t have to bring them in your home. There are places like Vale Stables that can build stables for horses to stay in when they’re not out in the fields. So, no matter what, you can have a pet without worrying about your beautiful home getting ruined.

Black Stallion Standing on Green Grass during Daytime

There’s No Fear Of Losing A Horse

It’s horrible for a child when one of their pets runs away or gets lost and never ends up coming back. Sadly, this happens all too often with cats and dogs as they like exploring. But, with a horse, you never have a fear of it running away. It will happily stay in its field as that’s pretty much all a horse likes to do. If it weren’t your pet, it would probably be chilling in a field somewhere anyway! If you have a horse, there’s no fear that you lose it and your kids never have to suffer the pain of a pet running away.

animal, eye, head

Horses Have Very Long Lifespans

If a pet running away is bad enough, imagine the sadness of a pet dying. Unfortunately, this happens all too often in homes up and down the country. Most popular pets don’t have very long lifespans which mean they tend to die as your children are growing up. So, your kids get attached to the pet when they’re young, and it ends up dying before they grow into an adult. The good thing about horses is that they live for 30+ years, meaning your kids can grow up with your pet horse and won’t have to worry about it dying until they’re well into adulthood.

So, if your kids want a pet, why don’t you shake things up and get them a horse? It will be a great decision, and they can even take up horse riding if they wanted too!

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