Safety measures in your home

Living in a house should be an exciting and a safe haven for everyone but unfortunately with homes been burgled every 40 seconds within the UK and those people not caring for others feelings we have to put measures in place to make our homes safe.  I can only imagine how terrifying it must be to be burgled and to have your own private space invaded and for people to take things that you have worked so hard for over the years.  Well the sad fact is it happens and people don’t care.

Install an alarm system

An alarm system is a good preventative measure to reduce the risks of burgulerys and breaks in.

External security Lighting

These are great security deterrants as burgulars don’t like well lit up areas, they like to be hidden.

Build a porch (Where Possible)

This adds an extra section of security to your property another door to have to try and get through.

Add extra Robust locks

Add extra locks on all doors where possible, front doors, back doors and windows.  We added these locks on our back door because it such a large door to add extra protection..


Beware of the dog signs

Even if you don’t have a dog, pick up some signs and stick them in your windows, to try and discourage break in’s to your house. No one is going to know you don’t have a great big scary noisy guard dog behind your front door.

Timer switches

With the nights closing in, your home become more vunerable earlier in the day anytime from 4pm onwards.  So get yourself a little lamp and put a timer switch on it so it looks like your home.

Install Security Cameras (CCTV)

Panasonic Security cameras can help you keep a close eye on your home, wherever you may be in the world. With it’s compact water-proof design, built-in visuals, infra-red sensors and selectable area detection that sends alerts to your smartphone or tablet as soon as it spots something unusual.

What are your top tips for keeping your home safe from intruders?

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