Project Home: Rennovation Tips For When You Purchase A DIY Project

Buying a home is just one of those stressful things we all hope to go through at some point in our lives. We all want that investment and stability but have to deal with a whole heap of stress and paperwork to get us there. So what happens if your dream home needs a little love? We can’t all help that feeling we get when we walk through the door of a potential new home. We either love it or hate it. So falling in love with a renovation project isn’t always the easiest things to do. But I’m here to offer you a few tips and advice. I hope it helps you if you have jumped into a DIY project.


Make sure you get planning for any extensions you do

Anything other than a lean to or conservatory will require some planning permission from your local council offices. It’s more paperwork I admit, but it’s one of those things you simply cannot avoid. Many people take on renovation projects in the hope of building up or out, so permission is something that will need to be granted. You will also be best to seek the services of an architect to draw up plans. Getting this right the first time is essential for a smooth process.


Research out the materials you want to use

You may want to do some work inside as well as building outwards. So it’s important to consider all your material options. Researching Timber Merchants or other materials like sustainable or eco friendly alternatives would be advisable. It is better done at the early planning stage. Some people who are particularly good at building may want to use these materials to build cabinets or even the kitchen.

Don’t stick to the original layout if it isn’t workable

When it comes to your project, try and think outside of the box. If the layout doesn’t work for modern day living, don’t be afraid to switch things around. Kitchens always work well overlooking the gardens but in some older houses, they were built at the front. Being creative with your design and making it work for you is vital to stay motivated within the renovation process. It can be long and stressful.


Remember the kitchen and bathroom are the most desirable rooms

It is always worth remembering that the kitchen and bathrooms add the most value. So make sure you invest both some budget and your time into these rooms. Whether you are selling or living in this renovation project, those rooms are not only the most valuable but the most used.

Have a budget in place and a contingency fund just in case

Finally, make sure you have a budget in place and don’t forget that contingency fund. The likelihood is that your project is going to unearth some unforeseen problems. It could be anything from a leaky roof to foundation issues. That contingency fund is there for those emergencies, ensuring you can stay on track with your budget.

I hope these tips help you if you have purchased a DIY project.

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