Add Some Creativity To Your Wedding With These 4 Pieces Of Advice

I love getting creative, and there is no better time than when you are planning your wedding. After all, it’s an excellent way to add a personal touch to your day and make it stand out from other big days. Therefore, here are five pieces of advice to add some creativity to your wedding day.

Make your own wedding favours

Wedding favors can end up costing you a fortune if you have a lot of guests at the wedding. Therefore, you should consider making your own wedding favors for your guests. It’s easy to find items around your house that you can easily make into fun wedding favors. For example, you could fill old glasses or cups with sweets to make a tasty treat for them to take home. Or you could even look for old books in your home which you could give away as wedding favors! You could even make some scented candles which you can give away as gifts. Get creative and they will be pleasantly surprised with the gift.

Create your own save the dates and wedding invites

It can be hard to make your save the dates and wedding invites stand out from the crowd when there are lots of weddings occurring. You could make your own so that they are unique to you and your partner. Buy some card and then design your invites with plenty of glue glitter and stickers to make them fun and unique. Some people use an old postcard and then cover it with beautiful material to make lovely DIY save the dates or wedding invites. Or if you aren’t that creative, you could even design some personalised wedding stationery so that they are unique for your wedding. You can find many companies online who will make it totally personal to your wedding theme.


Make some fun signs and bunting for your venue

One of the best parts of planning your wedding is deciding on all the great decor for your venue. After all, it’s the best way to create a day which is fitting for you and your partner. You can get creative by making some fun signs which you can put in the venue. For example, you might want to create cool signs explaining where facilities are. You could even make some bunting which you can decorate the venue with. To make it more unique, get members of the wedding party to all design some bunting. Once they are ready, you can attach them to some string and make your venue stand out.

Get creative with your table accessories

You should also not hesitate to make the tables in your venue unique for your big day. We talked in this blog about creating a great tablescape for your wedding. You might want to choose colorful napkins which will ensure it is suitable for your theme. Also, you can also add some fun table names and place cards which stand out from the crowd. As this article says, add a handwritten note to each place card to make each guest feel appreciated that they made the wedding!

Don’t hesitate to write your own wedding vows to add some creativity to your wedding day. You could even create them into a backdrop, so that everyone can see them during the ceremony!

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