How To Make Your Home Feel Bigger & Better Than Ever

Everyone deserves to live in a healthy and happy home environment. However, only you can make this happen. While there are many ingredients to consider in the recipe for success, you must never overlook the fact that size matters. Or at least the perception of it does.

You must try to take this into account when considering home upgrades. So, what are the best ways to achieve your goals? Here’s all you need to know.


The first step towards building a bigger property without requiring an extension is to declutter. The average family is guilty of hoarding products that could be sold to pay for further upgrades. Likewise, it’s almost certain that you’ll have bulky goods or faulty appliances that you should replace with streamlined options. Bin hire agreements will give you a chance to get rid of those products. Following this, you can look at improvements like wall-mounted shelving or compact dishwashers. If nothing else, decluttering helps you understand how much space you have to work with. 

Introduce more light

Natural lighting is your greatest asset for creating large looking living spaces. New windows or skylight installations can work wonders for increasing the amount of light in your property. When combined with the right choice of blinds or curtains, you will gain a flexible approach to lighting and privacy. In addition to natural lighting, a smarter use of electrical lighting can transform the atmosphere. It also boosts the home’s green rating. Lighter colour schemes are another fantastic solution. Given that painting a room is one of the cheapest and easiest upgrades available, it’d be foolish to ignore it any longer.

Embrace open living 

Many families find that open plan living spaces make their properties look larger. Living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens can often link nicely to support modern life. Perhaps more importantly, you can look to combine internal and external spaces. This creates a visual impression of a much larger home while also building the perfect setting for family activities. Or you can use this approach to make the home an ideal hosting venue for parties and social gatherings. The fact that it encourages you to spend more time outside on the patio or in the backyard can only encourage a happier lifestyle too.

Stop wasting rooms

Many families moan that their homes aren’t big enough but then fail to use the space they do have. If you currently have a guest room that is unused or a garage that does little more than store some boxes, you must fix this. A home office, a gym, or a creative space for hobbies will bring more value to your life. And when you can enjoy the home with greater results, there is no doubt that it will feel bigger. This change of mindset is arguably the greatest mindset shift of all. Besides, when the room is given a new function, it is likely to reduce the strain felt in other parts of the property. Perfect.

Focus on the above updates right away, and you should see significant benefits in next to no time.

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