How to Create a Seamless Transition Between Your Interior and Exterior

Having a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior in your home is phenomenal. It can make your home look endless as if it’s huge. Plus it’s a great way to be one with nature. You can truly have the smallest of spaces and bringing in the indoors and outdoors together will truly give the illusion that the space is big. Now, the magic of interior design plays a major part in this as well, however.

This is what will help create that airy look and maximize the amount of natural lighting that comes inside. In general, it’s not as easy as just having some big windows or opening up your door. You’ll need to have some interior design principles in order to create this seamless transition.

Large windows

Just like in the example above, large windows can and will help with creating that seamless transition. Large windows are going to allow for a lot of natural lighting to seep right through. This is going to be accomplished thanks to the appearance of the sunlight and the greenery peering from outside. In general expansive windows just look really good and can help with enhancing that illusion of having a large space.

Airy curtains

With your large windows, you’ll also want to have some large and airy curtains. You’ll want some that are lightweight, preferably made out of sheer or maybe even chiffon. The goal is for the sunlight to easily get out of the curtains and be displayed throughout the space. It’s best to go with light and airy colors such as white or beige as these can help with enhancing the colors of the curtains and the outdoors.

Have an outdoor living space

One bold way to join your interior and exterior together is to have a nice outdoor living space. You can extend your roof, or even get some nice awnings for your space. The possibilities for this outdoor living space can be endless. You can have a nice seating area complemented with fluffy cushions, or even something a little more exotic like an outdoor bath or shower.

Think about the arrangement of furniture

If you have an open flooring plan (so no walls) in your living areas such as kitchen and living room, then this tip can be pretty easy. You’ll just need to arrange your furniture in such a way that it doesn’t make it clear that there are any barriers or “walls” in the same. This way, the only real barrier would be the wall/ door that separates the indoors and outdoors. In general, you’ll want to just eliminate any sort of illusions of potential divisions.  

Cohesive colour scheme

Just like an open plan and arrangement of furniture is going to help tear down any divisions between your space and the outdoors, it can also be achieved by creating a very cohesive colour scheme. Just pick a palette, and use this palette for both your indoor and your outdoor space. This is going to be one of the best ways to create that seamless transition. 

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