How Can You Make Your Home More Sustainable?

We all want to save money on things like electricity and gas in our homes and one way of trying to do this is having more of a sustainable lifestyle. Solar power is just one of the many ways to go green and help the environment. Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth, not to mention a clean, renewable energy resource, and figures to play an important part in the global energy future. It can be captured simply and used in several different ways, and as an important renewable energy source, it is a very important part of our clean energy future. Companies such as the likes of Rusty Tweed can help us with this process.

There are plenty of other methods for you to swap things around in your home to reduce your costs and be more sustainable and help the planet.

Be more conscious in and around your home

Turn it off – Leaving your electrical items all on standby needlessly uses up energy – hit the off switch and you could see huge improvements, most noticeably in your energy bills and not to mention reducing a fire hazard. Don’t waste food – Waste not, want not and all that. Did you know that 7.3 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK every year? No nor me. This isn’t just a huge waste of food and money, it adds to the amount of CO2 being created in landfills. Turn it into compost – If you have let your food go that little bit too far past its ‘best by’ then you need to be sure to compost it rather than just putting it in the bin. Not only will this help create a natural fertiliser and keep your garden green, it’ll also reduce the amount of waste going to landfill – and as it won’t break down anaerobically, there will not be a build-up of methane gas.

Solar power

Using Solar power in your home comes with a large starting up expense but once your up and running it should only take a few years for you to get rewards and for them to starting paying for themselves. Despite the drawbacks of solar energy use, it has surged at about 20 percent a year over the past 15 years, thanks to rapidly falling prices and gains in efficiency. Some energy companies may even off a ‘buy-back’ service of any excess solar power you create.

Recycle everything

Chances are that if you’re thinking about taking on a more Eco-friendly lifestyle then you’ll already be recycling at home. But could you improve your recycling-ability? You can recycle almost everything, from batteries to cars. Before you just throw it away in the bin, just take a minute to find out if you could recycle it instead by checking the packaging for a recycling logo or council websites (this may vary) and help the environment that little bit further.

We all need to start doing our bit to help the planet and all become a bit more green and efficient. If everyone just made some small changes, we can help give our planet a better future and try and reverse some of the issues we have created. Give it a go, and see what simple changes you can make.

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