Meal Planning Monday 06/01/20


Wow January 2020, how weird does it feel to be typing or writing that down? I hope everyone had a fantastic time with family and friends. This week is very hectic for us, we are having all our windows replaced starting today, so I’ve took a couple of days off to be here incase there are any issues that pop up as the windows are 30+ years old. The company that are replacing them are called Armaglaze and they have done lots of work for my Dad and uncle over the years, so I know they are a reliable and decent company. Also comes with a new year, is a new food photo.

This week we are kicking off with:

Cottage pie and vegetables

Homemade hunters chicken with broccoli

Jacket potatoes with tuna/mayo and cheese/beans and salad

Southern fried chicken wraps

Beef casserole with creamy mash potatoes

Pizza & chips

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

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