Fight The White: 4 Valid Reasons To Do Something Different With Your Home Decor

What do the following things have in common?

  • All white everything. White walls, white floor, white furniture – if it’s not white, it’s not right.

chair, clean, desk

  • Marble, either as a fireplace surround or for kitchen counters. Or both!
  • The use of cubes; as shelves, as furniture; an endless parade of squares for both functional and decorative purposes.
  • A feature wall as a disruption to all of the white. This is often painted a vibrant colour, though it may be wallpapered in a unique, geometric style.
  • Minimal clutter and space between furniture, interspersed with candles and any other decor that could be considered remotely hygge.

What they have in common is that they are home trends that we as a society just can’t quite seem to let go of. Ignore the fact that white is one of the most difficult colours to maintain, that sometimes you just have too much stuff to be minimalistic… if trends are to be believed, this is what we should all be wanting from our home style.

The only problem is… it’s a bit dull, isn’t it? Not only is the idea of carbon copy “little boxes” rather boring, there’s also the fact that many of these decor trends aren’t particularly inspiring. Colour is what makes a home, but these trends would suggest the only colour you should want – outside of a feature wall – is the same glossy white that everyone else has.

So is it possible to be stylish without sticking to the same cookie-cutter design ethos? Of course – and there are plenty of very good reasons why you should.

1) Everyone Has A Different Taste

Trends have a tendency to paint themselves as the only viable option, as if everyone will see such decor and immediately want it. But if you see this and think: “I don’t think that’s for me”, then you can still be stylish and have a wonderful home. Trends change but style is eternal.

2) Trends Change All The Time

What was once considered the height of home decor fashion will, one day, be considered passé, drab, and stuck in a time loop. If you aim for something that you’re always going to like, and follow these tips on building a dream home that will be eternal, then you don’t have to worry about the changing of the decor opinion. You’ll always be in style because it’s your style – not that chosen by editors of magazines and prolific bloggers – that has dictated what should be in your home.

3) Doing Something Different Is Good

While we all have a nagging sense of wanting to belong to a crowd, our home is probably the worst place for us to want that. Your house is your house; your space; your decisions. If you don’t want to buck the trends in the fashion you wear then that’s fine, but don’t try and conform just for the sake of it after you step into your private retreat from the world. If there’s anywhere you can toy with being unconventional and doing what you want, then your home is the place to try it.

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