5 Essential Jobs For Exterior Home Maintenance

Although maintaining your home’s interior is always important as it’s where you spend the most time and where you welcome guests and visitors, it is not the only household care solution. If you want your home to be as functional as possible, you need to consider the exterior, also. As you don’t spend as much time looking around the outside of your home, there could be several issues you’ve missed. If so, there’s a risk your home could be in danger of experiencing substantial damage, so here are five essential jobs to remember. 

Clear Out Your Garden 

Even small gardens can get messy quickly, and while clipping back overgrown hedges doesn’t seem like a massive job, it can take longer than you think. Clearing out your garden, trimming hedges, and even picking easy ways to make your garden look good can all improve how your home looks from the outside (front and back), which will boost curb appeal but also prevent debris from collecting on the lawn and encouraging critters to make a home in the underbrush. 

Don’t Ignore the Gutters 

If you live somewhere prone to rain and freezing temperatures, you need to think about how to look after your gutters. As the winds pick up, leaves and twigs can collect in your gutters, and the temperatures drop, these will clog the passageway, putting your gutters at risk of collapsing. You can try to clear them yourself, but a professional service like Gutter Boy Cleaning will be much more reliable. 

Check Your Roof 

Similarly, you should also make sure to check your roof or get your roof inspected, especially after a heavy storm. Like your gutters, debris from nearby trees can collide with your roof, while strong winds could loosen the shingles and they could damage your or your neighbour’s property if they fall off. Furthermore, gaps in the roof can increase the risk of water damage and mould, which puts your loft at significant risk. 

Keep Your Driveway Clear

A clear driveway ensures easier parking and better safety for any visitors. Although you may not get a lot of snow, it’s still worth acting quickly to make sure it does not melt and freeze over, which can increase the risk of people slipping over or making it difficult to get your car out. Even without snow, it’s still worth looking at your driveway and repairing any loose paving slabs to prevent damage to your car, while weeds poking through the gaps should be torn out regularly. 

Make The Patio Or Decking Safe 

If you’ve got a patio or deck, you want to keep it in excellent condition to ensure it’s always ready for you to entertain or spend time there. Use a pressure washer to clear away gunk that accumulates on the surface and keep the furniture clean. If you’re worried about weather damage or don’t have a cover, storage boxes can keep your furniture in excellent condition all year round. 

Out of Sight 

With so many of these areas being out of sight, they are also out of mind. If you want to maintain a functional, safe and comfortable household, do not forget these repair and maintenance jobs during your next home check. 

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