Love The Garden, But Hate The Effort? Tips For You

There are some people who can create magic in the garden. Others are happy to have the entire thing slabbed and neat. But sometimes, you want the lush greens, the bright florals and minimal effort. So if you are the latter, and ready to make your garden stunning without the upkeep then read on. 


Having flowers bursting from the borders of your garden is rather lovely. But with those borders come weeds, bugs and other things that you have to tend to if you want to keep them neat. This can be a time commitment that many people just don’t have. So instead, consider planting some pots. You can put larger containers on rolling platforms so that you can move them around the garden with ease. Potted plants are also much easier to weed and keep protected from slugs and other bugs too. The added bonus is you can start your seeds off inside, and move them out without potting up if you choose a larger pot to start with. 

Fake It

The grass might be one of the things that make the most effort. And someone always seems to be stuck with the job of mowing the lawn. In the winter months, it isn’t too bad, but when the spring and summer arrive, it will need to be maintained every other week. It can also begin to look patchy and yellow. You can skip all of those issues when you replace your lawn with fake grass. Synturf has a huge range of options, and you’ll minimize the garden upkeep by a huge amount. 


If you have the time and luxury of planning your garden in advance of doing any work, then that is great. You will make sure that you don’t buy too many plants, that you know the dimensions of the faux grass you’re going to need. You can even plan in a herb and veggie garden too. Spending a few hours on Pinterest will give you so much inspiration, no matter how big or small your garden is. 


Choosing plants that will work well in your garden can be a little bit tricky at first. You want something slightly harder if you aren’t going to be tending to them all that much. If you haven’t grown anything from seed or bulb, you can pick up a range of plants that are already sprouting and just maintain the watering routine that you find on the instructions. 

Around most flowers, you can plant a range of herbs. They grow well in pots, and there are some herb and flower combinations that work incredibly well for the ecosystem and protecting your plants. Flowering herbs can give you extra pollinators in your garden too – helping it flourish. 

Your garden should be somewhere you can relax and read a book, or simply catch some sun in the summer months. And, the easier it is to maintain the more you’ll enjoy spending time in it. It is worth remembering that a garden shouldn’t be rushed, and you can make changes slowly until you have it exactly how you envisioned it. 

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