Our Christmas Decorations | 2018

We’ve always loved Christmas in our house but since having our little boy it has felt so much more magical and exciting.  Each year I try and buy a new tree decoration to hang on the tree of places we have visited.

This year we have lots of new additions to the Cooper household.

Our first new addition is the big guy himself, I bought him last year in the sale at Homebase but never got round to putting him up, but found the perfect spot for him this year on the porch roof.

This is by far my most favourite new addition, In the 4 years we have lived here this is only the second year we have had a wreath on the door, but this one is now for life and I love it. You can purchase these from here

The front of the house has always looked bare so last year we have some white icicle lights but when we put them up some of them didn’t work, so this year we bought some new ones from B&M here

The lantern my husband saw and liked it and we found the perfect spot for it and you can purchase it from here.  

And of course our Christmas Tree.  Again this was a new one I bought last year from the homebase sale, we had one we were gifted but had seen better days.

Here are just a few decorations that are new this year: My favourite two are the one from Dublin and the “Drink Me” baubles.  They are from various places including Clintons, Asda, The Gift Experience & Dublin

What is your tradition at Christmas?


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