A Day Out At Paradise Wildlife Park | Review

A few weekends ago we had a lovely but very cold day out at Paradise Wildlife Park, We’ve never been or heard of Paradise Wildlife Park before. It took us a good 2 hours to get there from where we are in Birmingham but the journey was easy with no problems on the way.

Paradise Wildlife Park is in Hertfordshire, just north of London and easily accessible with plenty of parking. It’s a great mix of animals, playing and other things to see and do but we started of with the animals first before ending the day with playing.

There was so many animals to see at Paradise Wildlife Park – we started with the monkeys, So many different types of monkeys to find hiding in the trees.

It was then time for the big cats – There were white lions, tigers, cheetahs and snow leopards. A great variety and all so easy to see even for my nephew. I loved the fact you having viewing platforms in some of the enclosures and you can get up close to some of these magnificent animals.

We saw so many different species of animals and birds including wallabys, Zebra, Camels, Owls, Parrots

Before we left to head home we let my nephew go on the play area, he loves just been outside and running around and we thought it might tire him out.

Paradise Wildlife Park is a nice size for a day out with a good balance of animals and other activities. It’s different to other zoos as it has a lot of other things to do rather than just animals. There are also plenty of picnic spots and lots of places to grab a drink or something to eat. If you haven’t been yet, Paradise Wildlife Park is well worth a visit.

Mum, Dad and Jack
Freddie, Hubby & Me


If you’re travelling to Paradise Wildlife Park, please note that it is highly accessible if you live in the Southeast or London. Those travelling from the north can use the A1, M1 or the M11 and then take cross-country routes to reach the final destination. Coach hire to the location is available if you’re travelling as a group. The venue accommodates parties. 

  • We were invited on the above day out for the purpose of this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. We love going to Paradise Wildlife park especially in the warmer months as so much to do outside and see. We took my son recently to see Santa which he enjoyed

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